Identity Logo Design

Ultimate Fashion Contest

The Ultimate Fashion Contest is a sponsored contest event hosted in the Est. Today website. The contest was pitched to potential media partners as the first season of an ongoing franchise and thus needed to have its own identity. This is my process and development of the contest identity. 

Inspiration & Case Study

To create a logo for a fashion contest I began by researching the fashion trends in the teen market. Major influences were the use of bright, sunny colors in conjunction with soft pastels, buffalo check plaid and other repeat patterns, large block lettering and paint splatters all were resonating with the target consumer at the time. 

As a case study I considered MTV and the way the company treated their logo. Far from sacred piece of branding, MTV treated its iconic markas a canvas for artistic expression. This strategy works for them in two ways- it allows the company to react to the finicky tastes of an ever changing audience and it also helps the identity of the brand stay relevant over time as the generation of the viewing audience changes. 

I wanted to employ a similar strategy for the Ultimate Fashion Contest as a way to maintain a strong identifiable mark that can also change with the prevailing fashion trends of the season.  


Logo Development

The template logo design I landed on utilized bold lettering with the word "Fashion" bursting through and jumping out at the viewer to grab their attention and announce the event as something so big and exciting (the Ultimate in fact). 



I presented the above options for how this logo could be treated in Season 1 of the contest. Option C was ultimately adopted.



In Season 1 we partnered with the teen celebrity magazine, Twist, and Keke Palmer and Ashley Argota from the Nickelodeon show True Jackson, VP,  signed on to be the celebrity judges. On the left is a teaser ad for the contest that ran in Discovery Girl's Magazine. On the right is the presentation of the contest on the Est. Today website.