Numero Uno. / by Brit Cochran

Image via - A supernova explodes 12 million lightyears away in galaxy M82. 

Image via - A supernova explodes 12 million lightyears away in galaxy M82. 

I really want to start a blog. 

I have said that so many times.

You know that feeling though- sitting down to a blank screen time after time- it is not as easy as it looks. But all my anxiety be damned I'm going to do it this time. No, really! 

I want to talk about beauty. I'm a makeup artist, so that point is probably already obvious to you. Here you can find out all the tools and products I love. I can't resist preaching about the virtues of the beauty blender and a Hakahudo brush. And it will be an honest professional opinion! But you should expect more than just products, trends and technique. What the hell, you deserve more!

Let me show you how beauty can be a hands on process. For the past year now I have been deep sea diving in the world of aromatherapy, and experimenting with making my own serums, lotions, salves and fragrances. It's been a fun journey! When I started the process I would never have thought I could make beauty products. I thought I would need a lab, or some ethyl- benzol- glyco- something ingredients. But none of that is necessary; it's insanely easy to make a natural product. The potions I've made have helped me to relax, clear my skin and save money honestly. I'll share my favorites with you. 

I want to also show here things that also inspiring me now. The world around us is a crazy and exciting place! I look for inspiration in Art, in music, in nature, and in the wild mysteries of the universe. I don't care what color Kylie Jenner's hair is at this moment. (I hear she just dyed it blonde. crazy.) I'm going to talk about what I like- It's my blog and this is my party. :) 

So here we go. Let's get weird and deep and talk about makeup and what not.  

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