Beauty Picks for Aquarius by Brit Cochran

The Star in tarot represents the sign of Aquarius. This is from Bea Nettles' Mountain Dream Tarot. Image via

The Star in tarot represents the sign of Aquarius. This is from Bea Nettles' Mountain Dream Tarot. Image via

The Aquarian is an air sign element and the most important thing to her is communication! At a party, you will find your Aquarian friend working the room and chatting to all the most interesting people. She has strong opinions, and she will be assertive in expressing her thoughts. But it will never be mean-hearted, a person of this sign deeply loves all humanity. She just has an analytical mind and while she may seem detached, underneath her heart is honest and altruistic. She is your best friend who tells you exactly what you need to hear! 






The Aquarian woman needs a lip product that will last through countless conversations! I suggest, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick - the long wear matte formula will not fade and distract while she is waxing poetic on all sorts of varied of topics.





Aquarians are one of the most creative and imaginative of all the zodiac. They have the least regard for conventions and will go their own way in life. This sign prefers to be the one that stands out in the crowd. She will want unique colors and you can bet she will apply her makeup in new and interesting ways. She will love a multi-tasking product like Make Up Forever, Flash Color Case so she can create any look she dreams up. 


Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and also invention and modern science. The latest technology in makeup and skincare will be ultra appealing to this cutting edge girl. Perricone MD, Blue Plasma is a new a daily skin treatment that in the packaging even resembles the icy blue planet! This non-acidic daily peel sloughs away dead skin like a tradition chemical peel, by using special enzymes extracted from salmon eggs. Then it removes debris from deep below the skin, and hydrates soothes, and smoothes the surface of the skin. I don't understand it, but I'm sure Miss Aquarius is already on board! 


Amethyst is the crystal that represents this sign. The violet variety of quartz is a very calming and meditative stone. It is also a strong protector against drunkenness and can help instill a sober mind. Aquarians are always thinking and an amethyst can help them calm their thoughts so they can rest once and a while. It is also a lovely color, and the Aquarian lady will love to add a great amethyst hue to her makeup collection. Try YSL Pure Chromatics, Wet and Dry eyeshadow No. 13 which comes with 4 types of bushes and can be used wet or dry for different intensities. Perfect for the ever experimenting Aquarian!