Sweet, Sweet Rose by Brit Cochran

Oh, Roses. To be quite honest, it's never been my favorite flower. The overly saccharine symbol of grand romantic gestures is hopelessly blasé in my opinion. The classic Valentine's blossom does have a gorgeous scent though which I most happily employ in aromatherapy. But the rose is much more than a sweet smelling thing. This eponymous bloom is packed with essential vitamins to protect and heal your skin. 

First, I recommend a bottle of rosewater. Easily accessible, you can find a bottle of the sweet smelling hydrosol at nearly every drugstore or grocery. This lovely beauty water is a by product of rose essential oil production. Rose essential oil is extremely precious. It takes nearly 60,000 petals of roses to make just one ounce of rose oil. However the water used to steam distill these rose petals is packed with just as much rose goodness as the oil itself. I like to use rose water as a gentle everyday toner. It is anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial which means this wonderful sweet water reduces redness, tightens pores and helps to kill bacteria that causes acne. But that's not even the best of it. In addition, the compounds in rosewater help to stimulate collagen production thus decreasing damage to your skin's elastin fibers, softening fine lines and early signs of aging. Seriously, this is THE beauty secret. Its so simple! 

I have to quickly mention here the aroma- it is sweet and delicately feminine as you would expect a rose to smell. A light spray of rosewater can not only refresh and hydrate your skin, it can be used for moments when you need to chill out. Use rosewater as aromatherapy to promote emotional balance, ease nervousness and mental strain. 

For the 1-2 punch I also recommend adding a bottle of Rose Hip Seed Oil to your skin care arsenal. This oil is procured from the seeds of wild rose bushes mostly found in Chile. Cold pressed is preferred in all fine oils, especially any used in skincare, as heat destroys the vitamins you are after anyways. So what is so great about Rose Hip Seed Oil? This relatively inexpensive oil contains the most Vitamin C in any plant- far more than even an orange. The C vitamin helps to keep skin bright and dark spots at bay. Most amazingly, Rose Hip Seed Oil is the only vegetable oil to contain Vitamin A - aka Retinol. This is a strong wrinkle fighting vitamin, and daily use of this oil will stimulate collagen prouction in cells restoring the skins natural elasticity. Amazing, right? Oh, but there's more. This oil is also super high in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids that hydrates and soothes sensitive skin while fortifying the cells against environmental damage. But it's also a light oil, which means it is non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin. It's clear why this oil is touted as the number one beauty secret of celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Rose Byrne. 

I also recommend as a vanity addition, place a Rose Quartz where you do you makeup or get dressed for the day. This beautiful stone represents the soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing nourishment and comfort. It is a stone of love and speaks directly to the heart chakra - opening the heart up to love. It gives those near by a strong sense of self worth and inner peace. These are strong supportive energies to have as you look into your eyes and soul at the mirror everyday. Use Rose Quartz at your vanity to set the intention to love yourself and be open to also love others. 

As Valentine's fades away, these three roses are the ones that will not only last, they will preserve as well.   


Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater

Aura Cacia Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil 

Rose Quartz